Promo Product Facts
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, is what promo products are all about. But not just any exposure...But the RIGHT exposure for your valuable logo. When you put your logo on a product it should reinforce your company's image of commitment to quality , innovation, and versatility with a 21st century vision.
  The following may be helpful:  
  Your Imprinted Logo X Number of Product Exposures = The Number of Logo Exposures  
  Usefulness of the Product w/Your Logo X Its Innovative, Versatile & Cool Features = The Right Logo Exposure  
  The Right Logo Exposure X High Number of Product Exposures = The Right Product for Your Logo  
Because of their potential for use with so many products in so many diverse venues, imprinting your logo on DrinkHuggers is an obvious no brainer. And... you get the benefit of being associated with a quality product that is the absolute epitome of innovation and versatility.

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